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DuClaw Brewing Company

DuClawMoonGunImpey Barbicane’s Moongun

A collaboration with Cigar City, this is a session amber ale, copper with a light tan head. The nose is very malty, caramel and crystal malt, the hops are masked, and there’s a slight hint of vanilla. Hop bitterness leads the flavor, surprising after the aroma, a bit citrusy, followed by roasty, bready malt with a hint of sweetness. It has a slightly foamy mouthfeel. The finish is moderately bitter. 5% ABV 40 IBU

DuClaw HellrazerHellrazer IPA

Pours a pretty gold with a hint of peach and a big fluffy cream head. The aroma leads with a big zap of unfamiliar hops, barnyard and herbal, with some slightly sweet malt underneath. Oh my this is delicious, mango and melon with a creamy mouthfeel but still a fresh sharp edge. The malt backbone holds it together nicely. The fruit continues into the finish with a touch of marzipan. So these are New Zealand Motuek Hops. We like. 7.5% ABV 65 IBU

So where do I go from here?

DuClaw SweetBabyJesusSweet Baby Jesus!

A chocolate peanut butter porter, a new combo for me. It’s black, just black, with a creamy yellowish tan head. I smell dessert: milk chocolate and peanut butter over roasty grain and sweet dark malts. The flavor says this is a porter rather than dessert, delivering more of that roasted grain and bitter chocolate with peanut butter cup just behind. This is not milk-shakey like Boulder Chicolate Shake, instead it’s closer to something like Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. It fills and coats the mouth without cloying sweetness. In fact, if you come looking for sweetness, especially after that dessert aroma, the bitterness could be quite a surprise. My sweet tooth isn’t in the “ON” position just now, so this is just fine . . . and maybe it’s dessert after all. 6.2% ABV 33 IBU

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