From Roscoe and Points South

Here we have an assortment from New York and New Jersey

Roscoe NY Beer Company

TroutTownAmberTrout Town American Amber Ale

Pours hazy amber with a small bubbly off-white head, dissipating quickly. Gives a malty nose, a little toward sourdough, then a more caramel malt. Only a little hops on the nose, just maybe a hint of spice. On the palette things start as a malty mouthful then a surprising shot of stone fruit and a sweetness with a slightly hoppy edge. This slides easily on as the flavor becomes the finish, slightly hoppier on the end. 5.0% ABV 30 IBU

TroutTownBrownTrout Town Brown

Deep brown in the glass with a hint of chestnut looking through toward the light. The aroma is of toast and caramel malt, sweet with light hops and a hint of chocolate. Gives pretty big mouthfeel and big flavor, malt turning roasty with a brush of brown sugar and coffee. The sweetness lingers into the finish with roasted malt coming in and out. To me, no apparent hops but you know they’re there. 5.5% ABV, 35.5 IBU

Broken Bow Brewery

Tuckahoe, NY


bbBrokenAugerLagerBroken Auger Lager

Pours coppery amber with a generous white head. Starts with a very subtle cracker malt nose. The flavor is like a slightly sour tangerine over a light caramel malt. Slightly dry malt and Euro-hop finish.

bbRedAleRed Ale

Dark red amber in the glass with a very generous off white head. This has a very similar, mild cracker malt nose with only a hint of hops. Less sour than the lager, it’s still fruity and malty but with less caramel. I prefer this one. The finish is quite dry.

bbMarbledaleAPAMarbledale American Pale Ale

Pours deep chestnut but I poured poorly so it had a giant foamy head. Again the same mild nose but with a little more fruit. Here come piney hops over caramel malt with nice citrus. The finish is again gentle but this time with more hops.

New Jersey Beer Company

North Bergen, NJ

New Jersey PaleHudson Pale Ale

Medium amber with vanilla cream head. The nose delivers lots of biscuity malt with shots of Euro-style and citrus hops. Gives a mild malty flavor with mild citrusy hops but the hops get much stronger on the finish and slide back toward Europe. The emphasis seems to be on the bittering hops rather than the aroma or flavor hops. There’s also a touch of toffee on the end. Straightforward and drinkable. 5.8% ABV.

Brix City Brewing

Little Ferry, NJ

Belgian Dubbel

Pours amber with virtually no head. There is more fruit than yeast in the nose with malt developing. The beer started too cold. The palette shows good body with lots of malt and classic Belgian esters like banana. The finish is mild and has a dusty quality. 6.3% ABV.

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