Sweet Georgia Brown (and more)

SweetWater Brewing Company

Atlanta GA

“Don’t float the mainstream!”

Sweetwater 2

Sweetwater Take Two PilsTake Two Pils

“Call us in the morning!”

Crystal clear gold in the glass with a full foamy white head. The aroma comes with biscuit malt, a yeasty tang and light American hops. “Light” is a relative thing as this beer is not for hop haters. The presenter estimated 35 IBU. The style is Czech but the flavor is a little muddy and not as crisp as classic pilsners. It has a fairly brief finish but lots of malt drying out the end. Good beer but not outstanding, however it gets better sip to sip. If I think of it as a good hoppy lager rather than a pilsner per se, I like it better and better. 5.5% ABV

Sweetwater 420420 Extra Pale Ale

“Drink ’em if you got ’em!”

Pours a clear medium amber with a brief white head. The nose is of biscuit & bread malt, then lots of resiny hops. On the palette comes a very smooth malty flavor, nice mouthfeel, and with more hops from bottle than draft. The finish continues the same smooth malt but with notes of green pepper and hops. 5.7% ABV

Sweetwater IPAIPA

“The beer you’ve been training for!”

A dark amber brew with a generous yellowish head. It leads with a very hoppy citrus nose, citrus and melon with a dash of bakery malt. Mild effervescence sustains the head for a long time. The flavor leads and continues with hops over malt, somehow balanced or at least very smooth. The nice bitter finish becomes surprisingly crisp. It’s very drinkable, suggesting a session ale but stronger than that at 6.3% ABV

Sweetwater Hop HashHop Hash Infused Double IPA

“Pour Pour Pass!”

So what is hop hash? Some might say “the crap left over in the pelletizer” but the SweetWater brewer saw pure gold, pure hop lupulin. Like another sort of hash, it concentrates the point of the exercise and intensifies the experience. Medium amber with a big white head which heavily laces the glass. The hop aroma is deceptively mild with plenty of malt. The flavor is uniquely hoppy, resiny and piney, but as flavor rather than as bitterness. This is very rich. The finish has a sweetness and softness with very smooth hops. This is a very good, very unusual ale. 7.8% ABV

Sweetwater-Hash-Brown_02Hash Brown

“Not You Momma’s Hash Browns!”

This is a solid brown ale with hop hash coming around again. It pours dark brown, a bit of chestnut looking through toward the light, with a tan head coating the glass. The nose hits with strong citrus & pine hops which almost hide the complex malt base. It’s just excellent with rich flavors of malts (“2-row, Wheat, Pale Chocolate, Cara-Brown, and Midnight Wheat”) plus a ton of balanced hops. It finishes up with a nice bitter & malt finish, lingering a long time. 6.2% ABV

I notice they have “Best If Enjoyed By” dates on the bottles, a nice touch that more breweries need.

Sweetwater Cap

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