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The Bronx Brewery

For many New Yorkers, the Bronx Bombers are the only reason to cross the Harlem River from Manhattan. Now there’s another reason, the Bronx Brewery. (Pity they don’t normally package in bombers, that would be perfect…a lot of work, but perfect.)

As for me, I’m starting my beercation, a week which will feature visits to several breweries in several states. I am informed that I’m expected to post about it. For much of the week I won’t have access to my computer, but I promise to post more when I return. Anyway, I started with a flight and a pint.

Bronx Flight 1Summer Pale Ale

They recommend a sequence for the flight, and I had no reason to second-guess them. Their summer offering pours hazy gold with a hint of orange. The nose is quiet with light malt and light citrus. The flavor has lemon peel (as did the batch) plus light malt with spicy & citrusy hops coming in. The finish is crisp, light & citrusy, a very refreshing summer beer. 5.2% ABV, 32 IBU

Session IPA

A clear gold glass with a brief white head. Actually all these beers–except the rye–had a brief white head. I think the cups were bad for head development and retention. On first sniff the nose delivers stone fruit, then hops & hops, fairly sharp. The palate moves from light malt through stone fruit and back to citrus hops, nicely balanced. The finish is light and fairly long with nice bitterness. Here’s one that the brewers can drink all day long. Session IPAs at many breweries seem to be for the brewers as much as for the customers! 5.0% ABV, 59 IBU

American Pale Ale

Here’s their flagship, and they can be proud of it, clear amber with a chestnut touch. The aroma delivers light to medium bakery malt, leading to flavor that is nicely caramel-malty moving through a spiciness like a hint of ginger and on into stone fruit. Pretty complex. The finish lingers moderately with hops coming in as a presence, restrained. 6.3% ABV, 50 IBU but doesn’t seem bitter at all.

Rye Pale Ale

The pours a hazy honey gold with no head or ring, almost like Real Ale. The nose is of cat pee and spice over biscuit malt. It moves on to a light caramel malt flavor with bright citrus hops coming in to carry on into the nicely bitter finish, with a light lingering sweetness. 6.3% ABV, 58 IBU. 58 vs 50, but this shows bitterness where the APA did not. This is not a complaint!

Belgian Pale Ale

Changing course, this shows lightly hazy straw, and the minimal head clearly shows the shortcoming of the cups. It starts with a classic Belgian estery nose, banana and melon, with a solid biscuit malt backbone. It continues with a really fruity flavor with a slightly silky mouthfeel and lots of malt, sliding into a malty fruity finish with just a touch more flavorful hops than a typical Belgian. 6.7% ABV, 36 IBU

Bronx Pale wTeaSpring Pale Ale with Tea

The pint has the head that I’m sure most of the others would have, medium off white, over cloudy amber like an apricot nectar. The aroma starts with floral herbal tea notes and plenty of biscuit malt. The flavor is really interesting, reflecting the black and chamomile teas plus a lemon hint from the lemongrass. This is really true to its ingredients, with a light fruitiness coming in. Light piney hops carry the finish, very much in balance. Nice! 5.7% 36 IBU. I had this with “black pepper pork clouds” like pork rinds but fluffier. These played off very well against the tea and malt. Nice pairing.

Dustin gave one of the best brewery tours I’ve had, giving not only the what of the steps of the process but also the why, mash tun to brew kettle to whirlpool to fermenter, then on to bright tank, forced carbonation and canning. Almost all beers are either canned or kegged, eliminating light from the equation to help keep the beer as fresh as when it leaves the brewery. When I’ve had their stuff “in the field” they seem to be succeeding nicely.

Definitely worth a stop on the way to Yankee Stadium, or as a direct destination for Mets fans and others!

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