Boxer’s Bar (Beercation 3)

Kid Rip’s

Kids Rip’s Tap and Tavern is dedicated to our father . . . Believe it or not, Kid Rip was a tattoo on our fathers arm. Kid Rip was a boxer too, but the tattoo became synonymous with our father . . . We wanted to create Kid Rip’s as a memory to our Father and the type of man he was.

I asked for recommendations of restaurants with craft beer in the vicinity of my motel, and I’m very happy with this one, a bit over a mile away. Obviously I have a theme going of New Jersey beers, so here is a New Jersey flight, plus one.


Kane Hop Lab Triple IPA

A cloudy gold glass with a medium off white head. The nose delivers serious hops masking malt, then comes a quite bitter flavor. Some caramel arrives to offset hops on finish, but this is quite unbalanced. Balance isn’t a requirement, but this one doesn’t work for me. 10.5% ABV

Forgotten Boardwalk Pocket Tricks Red IPA

Pours clear red gold with a medium white head. The aroma is of nice citrusy hops with a candy sugar note. Very refreshing, this starts crisp on the palate, then edges into sweet with mild hops returning on the finish. Interesting the way dry and sweet alternate in flavor and finish. 8.5% ABV

Rinn Duin Sandpiper English Brown

Medium brown in the glass with ruby glowing through and a generous, tight off tan head. The earthy nose reminds me of mulch. That’s not necessarily bad, let’s see how it tastes. The flavor is very malty but the body is a tad thin, and the flavor just goes away, leaving a watery finish. Swing and a miss. 5.1 % ABV

Spellbound Palo Santo Porter

This pours near black with a generous tan head. There’s a good roasty, woody aroma with a touch of hops. This is interesting on palate, starting malty and spicy with woody notes like I’m sipping from a wooden cup. There is a light sweetness carrying into the finish. Quite refreshing for a porter as long as you like palo santo, which I do. 6.9% ABV

A flight wasn’t quite enough–and they don’t do shorties–so let’s have a full pour!

Spellbound Peach IPA

Gold with a distinct reddish tinge and a moderate tight bubbly white head. I could smell peaches from two feet away! The aroma combines lots of peach with lots of malt. A big sip delivers peachy malty flavor, what you smell is what you get, then the rather crisp finish makes this quite refreshing! This is a summer IPA working well in spring. 6.5% ABV

Add to this some of the best chicken tenders that I’ve ever had, and Kid Rip’s was a hit with me. I would have loved to explore their menu further, but I was still groaning from the sub in the afternoon! A little bit about the place:

Kids Rip’s Tap and Tavern is dedicated to our father, but it is here for you. We have taken every care to create an environment for you to unwind, relax, laugh, eat and drink. It is with great honor and dedication that we bring you a diverse line of craft beers, deliciously prepared food and an inviting atmosphere.

Because at Kid Rip’s we knock ourselves out to please you.

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