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Boulevard RadlerGinger Lemon Radler

Starts with the aroma of ginger ale and lemon candy with low cracker malt and no apparent hops or esters beyond the lemon. It pours cloudy gold with a very brief white head. The flavor starts like ginger ale, moves to lemon soda and back to ginger ale. There is no apparent alcohol so this stuff could be sneaky. It’s initially fairly sweet but finishes off-dry, with just a faint metallic note way out on the end. Light bodied, it’s tingly from the ginger, neither creamy nor astringent. This would be terrific by the pool or on the beach. It’s a bit out of place in the Northeast in February…but tasty and refreshing regardless. It would pair well with light seafood. 4.1% ABV

Boulevard Tropical Pale AleTropical Pale Ale

The aroma is of grapefruit and tangerine, medium strength, then medium low bready-grainy malt emerges, then medium earth & spice hops. Low stone fruit comes out as it warms. In the glass it’s clear gold with a copper tinge. The medium off white head does not persist but coats the glass. The flavor is delicious tangerine with supporting grapefruit, medium-low grainy malt with low hop notes and medium-low bitterness. Finishes dry with an orange pith and tangerine aftertaste. The medium-high body is surprising, with a light honey quality, lightly syrupy rather than creamy, and a slight fruit-rind bite. This is a very nice pint of beer, emphasizing beer over fruit. For me it could use a touch more malt and a touch more flavor hops, but only a touch. For pairing, this moves up to slightly more robust seafood. 5.9% ABV

Boulevard Tank 7Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

Their current flagship, the brewery rep said “the one that keeps the doors open.” Starts with a medium high yeasty aroma with medium bread & biscuit malt and a spicy tang. A note of plums and stone fruit emerges. Pours very hazy yellow, very effervescent, building & sustaining a generous white head with a hint of the color of lemon chiffon. The flavor starts with a blend of spicy yeast, grainy malt and stone fruit, plums and faint tart cherry. Very balanced among those elements, it adds medium-low bitterness, then finishes dry with that flavor blend lingering. It has just above medium body, and medium-high carbonation gives a slight carbonic bite. There is no creaminess and no astringency, just a pleasant mouthful. It’s no wonder this has become a flagship, the only wonder is that enough people appreciate this rich complexity. I certainly do! 8.5% ABV, 38 IBU

Boulevard The Calling IPAThe Calling IPA

Here’s a big citrus & pine hop aroma with low bready malt and a light apricot note. There is a light alcohol note, too. It’s a slightly hazy pour, straw with a medium frothy white head, sustained by high effervescence. The flavor starts with stone fruit, then a wave of hops gives orange pith and juice with pine and resin. The low maltiness is almost lost in the hops but enough hangs on to keep balance. Medium bitterness is there, but the beer emphasizes hop aroma and flavor: balanced IBUs. The finish is actually on the sweet side, barely, leading into a gently fruity aftertaste accented by bitterness. There is medium body, lightly creamy with some prickly sensations from the hops, medium high carbonation and mild alcohol warmth. This is a fine, restrained DIPA rather than a hop bomb. 8.5% ABV, 75 IBU

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