Stone Smoked Porter w/Chipotle Pepper

Well, now *that* was interesting!  It’s basically the same as Stone’s Smoked Porter, except that there’s a faint sizzle of capsaicin on the finish, and maybe a hint of the flavor of the pepper as well.  Subtle–well, subtle if you like a touch of heat–and I really enjoyed it.  Now the question is whether the pepper makes this better, worse, or basically the same, and YMMV.  I think for me it’s a question of mood and whether I want a little extra challenge. Last night it hit the spot.

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2 thoughts on “Stone Smoked Porter w/Chipotle Pepper

  1. Was this on tap, or a bottle? It sounds like something that’d be good on tap somewhere with meat. Cheeseburger or ribs or something protein-y.

    • Bottle. A bomber, in fact. Yes, it would go very well with meat, and a burger comes to mind. Meanwhile I have something more lethal at home. If I survive it, I’ll comment soon.

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