From the Hills of Woburn

Lord Hobo

Without modesty, false or otherwise: “Lord Hobo Brewing Company Proudly Presents . . .”

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce GlassBoom Sauce

This is an IPA shop, and this—along with Steal This Can—is the flagship. Hazy gold in the glass with a medium ragged white foamy head and quite a few dark floaters. The foam stand is very persistent and heavily laces the glass.
The aroma is of tropical fruit, orange pith and resin over biscuit & cracker malt with a hint of peach esters.
The flavor starts with citrus and melon hops, then a wave of malty sweet biscuit, overtaken by a wave of medium high bitterness. It finishes almost dry with the malt more than offset by hop flavor and bitterness. The mouthfeel has just above medium fullness, no creaminess, medium high carbonation and slightly lip puckering astringency.

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce FloatersThis is a full bore IPA of New England cloudiness and west coast bitterness, even perhaps a little harsh. It might be best drunk from the can like Heady Topper. The floaters detract somewhat, at least for me. 7.8% ABV

Lord Hobo Glorious GlassGlorious Galaxy Pale Ale

“From the hills of Woburn, Ma” – or so it says on the can.

This pours cloudy golden straw with a medium off-white fine-bubble head, not persistent. There is a high aroma of orange peel and orange pith with notes both both resiny & floral. The low bready malt is mostly masked by the hops, and there is faint stone fruit and a hint of spice. The notes of citrus peel grow as it warms. The flavor starts with orange pith & peel immediately followed by high bitterness. Low bread and cracker malt is there, but the beer flavor leans strongly to the bitter side. It finishes quite dry with an aftertaste of citrus & bitterness. It has a medium body, not creamy, with medium carbonation and moderate astringency mostly from bitterness. All in all, a slightly fierce IPA not at all balanced, both hoppy bitter and dry. There is a small offsetting maltiness which is outgunned by the hops. I would have guessed somewhat higher alcohol. This would be hard to pair with food, maybe something like French fries or nachos. 6.5% ABV

Lord Hobo Consolation PrizeConsolation Prize Double India Pale Ale

Golden straw in the glass with peach highlights. The aroma of malty sweet biscuit is overtaken by lemon/orange/grapefruit citrus. There is a faint herbal, grassy note. The first sip is momentarily malty sweet, immediately replaced by citrus peel & pith, just above medium bitterness, then finishes slightly sweet with a lingering blend of hops and malt. The balance is only somewhat hoppy. On the palate is medium body, lightly creamy with a tiny hint of citrus. Not astringent. 9.2% ABV and doesn’t taste like it. The hoppiness shows restraint where Glorious does not. No consolation prize at all, this is a rewarding DIPA.

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