From the Fury of the Norsemen, Good Lord, Deliver Beer!

Angry Erik Brewing


. . . and deliver beer from the Norse Women too, as Heide and Erik brew these fine beers!

thedaintyvikingfinalThe Dainty Viking

The aroma is like a fine yeasty Belgian Blonde Ale with a fascinating berry highlight, somewhere among raspberry, boysenberry and blueberry. Cracker malt supports the floral and berry elements. The yeast imparts spicy phenolics like coriander. There’s a soft hop aroma underneath, floral, earthy and a bit spicy. This pours hazy gold with a medium low white bubbly head of moderate persistence. The flavor starts with cracker malt and grainy bread and biscuit notes. Flowery berry comes right behind, accenting and not dominating, carrying through the dry finish and out onto a light malty aftertaste. Bitterness and hop flavor are low. Wheat becomes more apparent in the aftertaste. The beer has medium body, medium high carbonation, and its light creaminess leads to a mild carbonic bite. Only a faint warmth hints at the strength.

This is a crisp refreshing beer for a summer day, even for a crisp Scandinavian summer day. At 7.6 % ABV, as they say “she might be more ‘Shield Maiden’ than ‘Dainty'”

Citra Kisses

I confess I took no notes, simply enjoying this crisp beer. It’s on the cusp between blonde and pale ale. I remember tropical fruit and citrus with clean fermentation and a cracker and bread malt backbone. 5% abv

Angry Erik Topaz TsunamiTopaz Tsunami: Hoppy Heidi # 9

The aroma leads with orange peel and orange pith, and then those hops are joined by bread and cracker malt and light stone fruit esters. The malt strengthens as it warms and develops a light sweetness. The pour is hazy reddish gold with a persistent foamy bright white head. The flavor starts with orange pith and dank resin notes. Medium high bitterness comes right behind. The malt base is bready with lighter notes, balancing the beer but leaving it dry, crisp, and bitter. On the palate the beer is just above medium fullness with an initial creaminess giving way to carbonic bite and mild astringency. Carbonation is medium high.

This is an IPA that demands attention rather than a relaxing sipper, a good solid pint for hop heads . . . like me.

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