“If Your Beer Is Not Madness, It’s Not Beer.”

Melvin Brewing

“If Your Beer Is Not Madness, It’s Not Beer.”

Or so they say. Welcome to Jackson, Wyoming, I guess, and on to the beer!

Melvin Killer Bees GlassKiller Bees

Called an American Pale Ale with Honey, it’s a pleasant APA which finishes dry with a hint of that honey flavor. I made no notes—too busy drinking—so I’ll steal their notes: “Clean, smooth, slow motion, easy drinking, honey. The palette cleanser extraordinaire. Perfect for mowing your unwatered lawn, sipping in the shower, or fishing on a Sunday. Low in alcohol, but high in enjoyment, this beer will not let you down.…. and if it does? Give it a good talking to. ABV: 5%”

Melvin Hubert MPAHubert MPA

The abbreviation stands for Melvin Pale Ale. The beer starts with a fruity nose of mango and pineapple over medium cracker malt with a hint of caramel. There is a light phenolic spiciness (think clove and pepper.) It gets more citrusy—orange peel—as the head dissipates. This pours clear gold with a peach tinge and a medium high foamy white head which persists from moderate effervescence. It’s a malty mouthful with tropical fruit rushing in. Fairly high bitterness comes along with the dry finish. A light malty sweetness lingers along with citrus and tropical fruit. The body is medium, creamy, with moderately high carbonation and slight astringency. The MPA can hold its own among IPAs though there is more maltiness here. It’s on the cusp between APA and IPA. Nicely done. 6% ABV

Melvin Melvin IPAMelvin IPA

Pop the top for immediate tangerine, orange and resin. The medium high hop aroma is joined by bready malt and stone fruit with a hint of pepper. This is clear amber in the glass with a foamy bright white head that laces the glass. The flavor is juicy citrus–tangerine or Honeybell–with pine and melon. The medium bready malt continues, starting slightly sweet then drying out on the finish with lingering melon. Just above medium body, its creaminess alternates with slight astringency. Nice, classic IPA. 7.5%

Melvin 2x42X4 DIPA

No sawdust involved! The aroma starts instantly with a waft of tropical fruit, followed by pine and a “forest floor” note. There is moderate cracker malt with a touch of biscuit, then comes a little follow up of citrus peel. It pours clear gold and quite effervescent with a persistent pillowy white head. The head heavily laces the glass. It’s a hoppy mouthful with a blend of resin, mango and pine over medium malty sweetness. It finishes off dry with lingering tropical fruit. Medium high bitterness comes in and lingers. Highly carbonated, the body is medium trending higher, initially creamy followed by light carbonic bite and low alcohol heat. This is a very tasty DIPA that ends up balanced between malty sweetness and hop bitterness with a ton of fruit and pine in both aroma and flavor. The low heat only hints at the 9.9% ABV.

A nice intro to Melvin and the beers of Wyoming! Coincidentally, the next day I was given a bottle of wine from Jackson Hole, so it was a Wyoming week!

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