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Re: New Jersey Tasting — from Campbell

I’m happy with anything called Rammstein! That Imperial Pilsner sounds like something I’d really like to try, as would both Cricket Hill beers. I heard the first Game of Thrones beer wasn’t so great, but that the brewer had a lot more freedom with this second one. 

I have friends of friends at the Night Shift brewery, and I’ve gotten to try a bunch of beers there, some of them pretty wild! Some highlights:

Viva Habanera: a rye ale brewed on habanero peppers. That Imperial Pilsner may go well with spicy food, but what about when the beer IS spicy? It has a pleasant burn to it and a little harshness from the rye, but the burn doesn’t last long and it’s an exciting flavor. I don’t think I’d order a pint, but a tasting glass is a great amount.

Art #20: El Lechedor: This is a milk stout, brewed with vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. This tastes JUST like cinnamon buns. It’s fantastic. I want a root beer float with this instead of root beer.

Jojo: A pink IPA. It has more fruity flavors than your typical IPA, and the sweetness mellows out the hoppiness a bit. I enjoyed it, but I tend to like hoppier beers with my IPAs. 

Next up, a friend of mine has a few growlers of their Crusader IPA, which I just have to try based on the name!

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  1. I mentioned that I had heard about Viva Habanera. I really want to try that.  Maybe compromise with a 12-oz glass.  That’s what I had last night with the Ommegang.

    Pink IPA? That I’ve never heard of.  Sounds interesting.  Meanwhile, it occurs to me that I don’t think I’ve ever had a milk stout. I would try that one in a heartbeat.  Might be something that Janet would like.  She’s into red wine and not much of a beer drinker at all, but I discovered that she likes ale, just not hoppy ale. Basically she prefers the Belgian ales.  She liked Old Peculier, but then everyone I’ve served that to liked it. 

    As for Ramstein, they go the Bavarian route so they are light on hops. The Imperial Pilsner is the exception and has a respectable amount, 68 IBU.  It’s a good beer.  Here’s a link to their flagship beers, including Imperial Pilsner (and from that page you can get to the rest of their site).  The entry says that the Imperial is draft only, but I had it from bottles last night.

    BTW, I don’t think much of their site.  I like Cricket Hill’s site (and beer) more:

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