The Worst Beer in Baseball

You may have—but probably haven’t—seen the article from The Washington Post’s DC Sports Blog which states “The Yankees have the worst beer list in baseball.” The only progress is that the Yankees were finally humiliated into changing the name of the “Craft Beer Destination,” where there was no craft beer, only Miller/Coors products. [They changed it to the Beer Mixology Destination, a stupid name which probably implies dumping their cider into Blue Moon or Batch 19, or into their Shandy.] There are many blogs out there where die-hard Yankee fans lament this state of affairs. Your intrepid reporter had to investigate. Here I am, ostensibly a Yankee fan, but I had never managed to get to the “new” five-year-old stadium. Then I won a pair of tickets at a charity event. (Where the name “Tricky Tray” comes from, I have no idea.) So now I had no excuse, and 35 bucks for parking later, Janet and I arrived at the House Next Door to the Park Where the House That Ruth Built stood.

yphoto 1 (click to enlarge)

As a venue for baseball, the place is beautiful, but so was the old Stadium (or rather the Renovated Stadium, since I moved to New York during the renovation). The amenities are better, especially so if you have wads of cash to spend, but it wasn’t going to be The Stadium Club for us, just the vendors for the plebians. There’s a lot of variety to be had, at least compared to the old Stadium, though those wads of cash do come into play. [I stopped at the ATM before going and I was going to take out $200, and then I figured that would be enough for a hot dog and a soda. I had been warned.]

But we’re talking about beer (we were talking about beer, weren’t we?) so back to business. Let me apologize now for this awful picture, and I don’t mean just the beer selection. The light wasn’t great and I wasn’t that close.

ybeer list (click to enlarge)

So let’s translate that fuzzy mess. At a fast glance you might see over 30 choices, but 14 of them are duplicates. The remainder, in bottles: Amstel Light, Blue Moon, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Platinum, Bud Black Crown, Corona, Dos Equis XX, Guinness Black Lager, Heineken Light, Hoegaarden, Redbridge Gluten Free, Yuengling, and O’Douls. On draft: Goose Island IPA, Guinness, Heineken, and Stella Artois. First of all, some credit to them for providing a gluten free option, and as the Washington Post noted, the list does include one “Craft Beer” – Yuengling. Most notably, the list does NOT include any New York beer! Not only is there no Captain Lawrence or Six Point, there isn’t even any Brooklyn Brewery. Hell, there isn’t any BRONX Brewery.

Out of all that, I figured that the best option was the draft Goose Island IPA for a mere $12. At least that’s better than in Aruba where my best option was the Stella. Now I added something that IS a New York classic, and I could sit back and contemplate.

yphoto 3

What does it mean that the Yankees have the worst beer in baseball? Well, as someone who loves craft beer, it’s a freaking travesty, but I think there’s a more important lesson here. Go back ten years (maybe 20 if you live in Seattle). Can you imagine having *any* IPA available? Anything like a Blue Moon or a Stella? Anything like 18 different beers?  When I was a kid at D.C. Stadium (check your history books), I think there was precisely ONE choice: Schlitz.

The “Worst” list in 2014 is infinitely better than the “Best” list would have been 20 years ago. Bravo to the growth and development of Beer!

But as for the Yankees: get some goddam New York Craft Beer!

The Yankees Have the Worst Beer List in Baseball

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One thought on “The Worst Beer in Baseball

  1. Lori

    So, for me Blue Moon and Stella Artois are a step up from the days of only Budweiser and Coors Light!
    Budweiser’s only claim to fame is their commercials during the Superbowl! Dish water with sugar if you ask me. UGH!
    I am not the craft beer connoisseur that many of you are. Although I’ve been a beer lover for years and I’m starting to definitely respect some of them! I’m 54, so back in the day there weren’t a ton of choices in bars. I would drink Heineken in the 80’s! Still can drink it. That was considered “foreign beer” or Becks!
    So Go Yanks…let’s get some NY beer! Brooklyn Beer??? In the Bronx? Well, it could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

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