Medusa / Kaper

Just finished an IPA from Defiant called Medusa.  It was hoppy and not much else, but I may have lost nuances by eating olives with some hot pepper in them.  Before that I had a beer from Poland: Hevelius Kaper. It’s one of those newcomer breweries, established in 1690.  Interesting, somewhere between a Pilsner and a Belgian Ale, with an earthy, almost herbal quality to it.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to find it again, but I wouldn’t avoid it, and come to think of it I paid $1.69 for over a pint, so good value.  It was probably on sale because it wasn’t moving off the shelf. 

Regarding the Defiant Medusa: I know when a beer is hoppy or not, but I can’t distinguish one sort of hops from another. I would need some lessons there. I know that some have citrusy qualities, etc etc. 

I just noticed that Defiant is relatively local, Pearl River NY.


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