Old Peculier

I just met the beer geek at one of my favorite wine shops.  That’s right, I don’t think of them as much of a source of beer compared to a couple of the others, but Brian, their beer buyer is one of those who goes to every convention, reads everything published, visits every brewery he can reach . . . you get the idea.  I mentioned that Ramstein tasting last week and that they were excited to have a couple of barrels of Eisbock.  Brian led me over to an Aventius Eisbock which I may have tonight.

He told me that if there was a beer that I wanted to try, he would try to get it.  I smiled and said I was looking for Old Peculier.  He smiled and pointed at the nearest cooler, so now I have a 6-pack of Old Peculier and I will *definitely* have some of that tonight.  My wife is excited too, as it’s one of the few beers that she really likes.

p.s. We both still really like it!


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