A co-worker just got back from a vacation trip to Alaska. He went the “local beer” route.  Alaskan Brewery he found OK but nothing special.  On the other hand he was impressed by Denali Brewing Company, and would eagerly seek it out if it were available.  He says that it does make its way to the West Coast, but never out here.  If it comes your way give it a shot. 

His review: “Denali ( makes a phenomenal barrel-aged Saison and their Schwarzbier (German-styled black lager) and Chuli Stout are awesome too. “ 

Some unusual things make their way here. I just checked the Tap Cam at my favorite Growler & Gill, and they’re pouring Breckenridge Agave Wheat.  I looked it up and it sounds like a mild session brew that might be quite good on a hot day (which will be coming eventually!) or with light fare.  I also found a website with a fine name: Fermentedly Challenged. 

Some unusual things COME from here, too.  I wrote to you about Beyond Kombucha, and another local New York exotic is the Andean Brewing Company.  I had their Kuka Beer which is brewed from maca, the high-altitude Peruvian crop.  This was good stuff, very rich and flavorful, a little hard to describe (especially a couple of days after drinking it).  

Among non-local, last night I had a basic Harpoon IPA, which was truly ordinary after some of the ones I’ve had recently.  They’re from Vermont and from Boston, and a local tells me it’s “ubiquitous and it’s virtue is that it tastes better than Sam Adams.”  Much better was Victory Dirt Wolf IPA, and I’m glad I picked up a 4-pack. Incidentally, that’s on tap at Growler & Gill today.

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  1. [From Ed K]
    Too bad he didn’t find Midnight Sun brewing in Anchorage or the Glacier House Brew Pub as both have great beers in many styles and the pub is chef driven and really good, Then there is the Moose’s  Tooth pizza and brew house…one of the best pizzas I have ever had. (A side note, when my son and I were in Hood River we saw an ad for a pizza place with a ‘Tooth’ name so we went and it turned out they couple who owned it had lived Anchorage and worked at Moose’s Tooth and bought the recipes and are doing a fine job!).

    On another note I have gotten my first copy of ‘Beer and Brewing’ and it seems a fine and in detail mag, featuring everything IPA in it’s first issue. Among other things they formed a panel of ‘experts’ and rated 42 IPA/s from around the country on a scale of 100. # 3 were given the 100 rating, FirestoneWalker Union Jack IPA, Lawson’s Double Sunshine (out of Vermont) and Dogfish Head Burton Baton. Another highly rate one at 91 was The Alchemist Heady Topper which is also Vermont.

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