Heady Topper

From Campbell:

Just yesterday one of my buddies and I drove up to Vermont in pursuit of Heady Topper – which, if you frequent Beer Advocate, you’ll see is the #1 rated beer there. We drove about 3 hours up there only to find that the delivery was going to be late at Beverage Baron, the store he’d staked out online earlier that week. We decided to walk around the quaint little town and we saw a truck with the Heady Topper logo on it. We went into this little coop market and it turns out they’d just been delivered four cases of the stuff. We each got one and walked back to the car – the meter said we’d been gone for 13 minutes, rather than waiting the 3 hours until it was estimated it’d get delivered to the other place. If you haven’t had this stuff Ed, you HAVE to try and find some. It’s a super smooth (and super strong) double IPA and I can understand all the hype. I’m gonna give 4 cans to my buddy who just got married and another 4 to someone who asked me for some, but the remaining 16 (well, 15 now) are going to be jealously hoarded in my fridge. 

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One thought on “Heady Topper

  1. I’ll have to see if eventually I can find Heady Topper, though I suspect it never makes it out of state except in the greedy paws of interstate smugglers like yourself.  That must be a real friend to receive four cans even after you took care of him on his bachelor party, and YOU must be a real friend to give 4 cans for the asking.

    Evil Twin Ryan and the Beaster Bunny Saison is quite good, but after tasting both I went with the Evil Twin Falco IPA.  That starts off slowly but then comes on and is a very satisfactory IPA.  However, I followed that up with a Captain Lawrence Seeking Alpha Triple IPA.  Now that was a special one, and I brought a bottle home as well.  It also packs a punch, at 10% ABV.

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