Crickets from Fairfield

Cricket Hill Brewery


I just visited the brewery over the weekend, and picked up a couple of half growlers. Most satisfactory. Here’s how they describe themselves, modestly, of course:

Cricket Hill is a microbrewery based in Fairfield, NJ, offering some of the finest beers ever made on the planet earth!!! Our beers are all designed as full bodied, session beers that deliver classic flavors… Enjoy!!!

CH_FB_PintGrowlerAbbey Cherry Tripel

Hazy peach color with a brief white head of fine bubbles. The nose is quite spicy with nice Belgian yeast, bakery malt and just a hint of cherry. The esters get bigger in the flavor with apricot and banana, but really very little cherry. I didn’t want or expect cherry pie, but for the name I’d want a bit more fruit. The finish is malty and perhaps yeasty still with fruit and a little hop bite at the end.

Just had some more after having Beach Haus Amber Ale and Brooklyn Blast! and it stands out how good this abbey tripel is, bringing out caramel and more fruit. I’d still want more cherry, but this is good stuff! 8.9% ABV, 31 IBU

CH_SmallBatchAlesLabelDouble Wit

This pours a pretty, hazy peach with a light white head. A nose of yeasty goodness arrives with a fruit bowl of esters and spiciness, probably with a shot of coriander. The flavor starts with spices followed by fruit and rich caramel malt. Any hops are well masked, but probably keep that sweetness in check. The finish carries on waves of spice and fruit and malt, gradually ebbing. Good use of two growlers! 7% ABV, 20 IBU

Images courtesy Cricket Hill Brewing
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