Once upon a time there was a pastor . . .

Naked Flock Cider

Warwick, NY:

The Naked Flock Story is an old folk tale from the town of Warwick. There was a Pastor who was great friends with Moby Dick Author Herman Melville. Melville brought the Pastor a gift from a trip to the Orient. Seeds that the Pastor planted in his garden and grew into the most beautiful Poppies that anyone in the town had seen. One day the geese broke into the garden and ate the Poppies, and yes, they were those kind of Poppies. The geese fell into a sleep so deep that they were thought dead and plucked by the pastors children for their feathers. To everyones shock, hours later the geese awoke and staggered around naked.

The Pastors own congregation was horrified by the sight and demanded the geese be slaughtered. But listeneing to the pleas of his children he decided to take a stand and defend the Naked Flock.

nfOriginal Label


The Original cider is fermented with champagne yeast and wildflower honey. It starts with a crisp apple aroma with a hint of honey. The cider is pale straw in the glass with no head and a light body. The flavor is crisp and floral with almost a citrus hint. Finish is lightly sweet, never even close to cloying. I haven’t had many ciders, but this is simply the best I’ve had, and starts to change the way I think about cider! 6.8% ABV


This pours golden straw with no head and a distinct Citra mild “cat pee” nose. It delivers apple and Citra flavor without bitterness. The hop flavor is milder than the nose, and the finish is apple without bitterness, with light honey sweetness instead. Cider for hop heads? I’ll drink to that! 6.8% ABV


Lemon Ginger

The aroma captures the trio: apple, ginger, and citrus with a hint of spice, like a mix of cider and ginger ale. The flavor is all of those, bursting from the glass. On a hot humid day: flat out delightful. The finish still suggests honey but is drier than the other two. At the tasting it had not yet been bottled, but it has been now! I look forward to grabbing some bottles soon. 6.0% ABV

An important thing about cider is that it is gluten free, opening a range of choice to those who can’t tolerate beer (or at least the vast majority of beers). The alcohol runs higher than the typical commercial cider. They attribute this to avoiding use of any concentrate or diluting elements. Naked Flock is a product of Applewood Winery, and in addition to wine and cider, they have live music every Saturday through the summer. I have to get up there . . . all of 45 minutes away!

Labels courtesy of Applewood Winery
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