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From The City, Two Boroughs

At this point I don’t think that New York City is well known for beer. Of course there were a zillion breweries in the city before the black days of Prohibition. Some re-emerged after that sad period, but tragically, almost all died out. Brooklyn Brewery led the revival, followed by Six Point, but here are some newer champions of The City, from Brooklyn and The Bronx.

KelSo Beer Company

A Beer Grows in Brooklyn

KelsoPilsnerKelSo Pilsner

Clear straw in the glass with a medium white head. The aroma is distinctly cracker malt with a healthy shot of yeast. The flavor is fruity with a touch of sweetness which grows on the finish only to be arrested by lightly bracing hops. Very clean and refreshing, and it reminds me more of a Czech Pilsner than the German variants. 5.5% ABV

KelsoIPAKelSo Industrial India Pale Ale

Hazy gold with a persistent yellowish head, delivering a big citrus & malt nose with a sort of melon fruitiness. The flavor is just as big with bakery malt and spicy hops duking it out, still with a nice touch of fruit. The finish emphasizes the hops as earth tones rather than citrus. This is an East Coast sort of imperial IPA, rather than a West Coast hop bomb. 10.0% ABV.

KelSo Carrollgaarden

This one pours hazy straw with a moderate head. It leads with a mild crackery pilsner nose moving into wheat maltiness with yeast and subtle esters. Those develop into stone fruit in the flavor, with continuing malt and yeast. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, and the medium-length finish wraps this up pleasantly. 5.0% ABV, 20 IBU

The Bronx Brewery

From a borough known more for the Yankees than for beer, It interests me that they put the grain bill and hop bill right on the can. It’s an opportunity to drink and learn…or at least to drink.

BronxSummerBronx Summer Pale Ale

Light amber in the glass with a brief off-white head. The aroma os citrusy going beyond hop citrus to lemon peel, crackery malt with a hint of yeast. Very crisp, lightly fruity with the fruit intensifying on the palette moving toward a fruit & malt finish. This might be an ale to lure the lager crowd coming from the beach. 5.2%ABV 16 IBU, Grain bill: Muntons Extra Pale, Briess Ashburne Mild Malt; Hop Bill: Hopsteiner Expt. [Experimental] 04190

BronxIPABronx IPA Session Ale

Pours golden with a ragged bubbly cream head. The nose is restrained with fruity hops and dry malt. Very fruity and wheaty perhaps more hefeweizen than IPA. The wheat comes through along with tropical fruit, not citrus but rather papaya or mango with a shot of confectioners sugar, but the sweetness is controlled. The finish is where the hops show themselves but very much in balance with the sweet malt. 5.0% ABV 59 IBU. Grain Bill: Weyermann Vienna, Briess Red Wheat Malt; Hop Bill: Caliente, Palisades

Bronx Brewery Rye Pale Ale

Another golden orange beer, this pours with little head and not much aroma, subtle malt and fruit notes that emerge more as the temperature rises. The subtle nose transforms into a very flavorful mouthful and a spicy rye body that’s hard to describe and quite refreshing. To me there’s a hint of butterscotch. The finish is very smooth with bitterness coming in and out. I like this. 6.3% ABV, 58 IBU

We’ll have to visit the other three boroughs.

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