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Dogfish Head 60/90

My scientific heritage emerged tonight. 
In the past I’ve had Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA, and I’ve had their 90-Minute IPA (and for that matter I’ve had their 75-Minute IPA), but I couldn’t tell you which I preferred. 
Tonight I poured one into one glass, and the other into another glass, identical glasses, identical temperature (a bit above refrigerator temperature).  The 60-Minute is good, refreshing, nicely hoppy, neutral mouthfeel, nothing very complex about the flavor.  The 90-Minute is better, richer, hoppier, with a silky creaminess and a caramel note that lingers on the finish. 
However, it might depend on what you’re eating.  The 60-Minute is more crisp and might go better with something light like a non-tomato pasta.  The 90-Minute has more clout and would stand up to spicy food . . . and yet, the lighter brew might be a foil for a heavier meal.  YMMV, but generally I’ll go with the 90-Minute.  Memo: the 90-Minute has 50% more ABV, 9% vs 6% . . . is it coincidental that’s the same ratio as the hopping period? 😉

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