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Howe Sound and Broad Brook

TotalEclipseHowe Sound Brewing

Total Eclipse of the Hop

This pours a full, creamy, frothy tan head over dark amber. The nose strikes me as lagerish and not hoppy; it’s quite yeasty with a touch of sourdough. The flavor shows that bittering hops are favored over aroma hops. There is a touch of sourness but then toffee develops. The finish is mostly bitter.

I was unfamiliar with them, and they pointed me toward their website.


In 1980, BC’s John Mitchell and Frank Appleton pioneered North America’s first modern craft brewery at Horseshoe Bay on BC’s spectacular Howe Sound. This began what has become known as the “craft brewing renaissance”.

In 1996, John Mitchell helped design the Howe Sound Brewery and worked as our first brewer developing our initial recipes. Known as the “grandfather of micro-brewing in Canada”, we are proud of his ongoing relationship with our brewery. Today we continue to brew in the craft style using unfiltered 100% barley mash. We pride ourselves in brewing a diverse selection of flavorful, well-balanced ales. We invite you to enjoy the experience.
In keeping with the rugged backdrop of Howe Sound, our brewery adopts environmental stewardship in many aspects of our business. By reusing spent grain, yeast, water, bottles, caps and innovatively creating secondary products, we strive to have a zero effect on the environment. Our creative innovation is the key to our environmental philosophy and model of sustainability.

There might be argument about “North America’s first modern craft brewery” considering that Jack McAuliffe opened New Albion Brewing Company in 1976. Granted that didn’t last long. Credit is also usually given to Fritz Maytag and his purchase of Anchor Brewing in 1965 . . . perhaps that doesn’t seem modern. In any case, I look forward to trying more of Howe’s products!

HopstilloBroad Brook Brewing

Hopstillo IPA

The pour yields a good 1-1/2″ cream-colored head over clear light amber. The aroma is very clean with earthy herbal hops and citrus underneath with just a bit of yeast. Earthiness continues on the palette, with flashes of hops around the mouth along with a good malt backbone. The mouthfeel starts smooth and gets rather dry with some edges. It’s a complex finish with waves of hops and malt, with the bittering hops coming through along with a touch of mineral. 84 IBU, 6.8% ABV
Broad Brook is in East Windsor CT. It’s interesting that such a small brewery takes the trouble to put their product in cans, overcoming a craft beer prejudice. Their website doesn’t discuss it, but I see them as following the lead of Oskar Blues and The Alchemist in promoting packaging that is both recycleable and “backpackable.”

What their website does say includes the following:

Welcome to Broad Brook Brewing Company, located in the heart of Connecticut’s Tobacco Valley. Here we meld New England traditions and experience with our ingenuity and creative boldness to produce a unique series of Ales and Lagers.

If you enjoy drinking a great beer, you’ll love Broad Brook Brewing. We are committed to making the highest quality products with only the best ingredients. We’re craft beer enthusiasts. There is nothing we enjoy more than brewing and drinking well crafted, full-bodied beer. We have high standards for the beer we brew, and we will not make anything that does not meet those standards.

Again, I look forward to trying more of their products!

Image courtesy of Howe Sound Brewing

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