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Gone Clubbing Again (2)

Here’s my current beer club installment:

cRebelCzech Rebel Beer

If I needed to say the name of the brewery, I would be dead of old age before getting it right. Things would be even worse if I had to spell it: Měťanský Pivovar Havlíčkův Brod. Fortunately it’s much easier to drink! This beer pours very clear with not much head, and what there is dissipates quickly. It’s toward the brown end of light amber. Good lager nose with a little malt and a sort of zesty, herbal hop aroma, spicy rather than floral. Very dry and very similar to a pilsner. There’s a nice effervescence; it’s a good hot weather beer, and a good fill-a-stein beer, but not something that I would especially seek out. The malt is somewhat neutral and there’s a light breadiness, not sweet and even giving a hint of sourness. The finish is very mild. [You can tell that I didn’t do a good job of cleaning the glass; there shouldn’t be a coating of bubbles on the inside of the glass.]

cBad WaterBad Water Brewing Western Lager

Gives a nice 1″ slightly tan head, pours medium amber in the glass. There is yeast on the nose with a hint of cracker and some light spicy hops. This lager is richer than I expected with a fairly complex mix of honey and malt and cracker and caramel. I sense a hint of fruit, maybe mango, in the gentle hops on the end.

cBlack IPAMendocino Seasonal Black IPA

This is an LBB, a Little Black Beer, topped with about 3/4″ of nut-brown head, quite persistent. This has a nice chocolate malt nose with a little coffee and a hop tang. Nice mouthfeel, smoky with a hint of residual sweetness. There’s just a bit of citrus from the hops (and apparently some orange peel in the recipe), and a sort of graininess that floats above the malt. I’d like to try this with some barbecue.

cTrappist WitteLa Trappe Witte Trappist

Here we have the only Trappist witbier, from La Trappe, one of those young breweries at a mere 130 years old. This gives a massive head, maybe 4″ to start and still 2″ several minutes later. [OK, it must have been a clumsy pour.] The nose gives yeasty, malty goodness. On the palette the good wheat beer comes clearly through with a little hint of citrus and a sort of gentle cotton candy. There’s a spiciness too, though no citrus or spices are used. This is followed by a dry line, and then caramel oozes over that. It wraps up with a long malty caramel finish.

I must say I’ve enjoyed The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. Each shipment has been interesting with some intriguing choices and some surprises like the Rodenbach, the Kronenbourg 1664, and the La Trappe Witte Trappist. My thanks to Lori and Les for the birthday present!!

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