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This Beer Is Out of This World!

“Space, the final frontier — these are the voyages of the Starship Beer Truck . . .”

— James T. Kirk, from an early draft of the pilot script


“With space tourism a burgeoning reality and thousands of rejoicing, happy space fans booked on suborbital flights, we, like your local troop of boy scouts, want to be prepared. Let’s face it, some of these intergalactic holidaymakers will want the option to enjoy a brew while looking at our big Blue Globe. Why deny them the chance?”

— 4 Pines Brewing Company, Vostok Space Beer

OK, so the beer hasn’t made it out of this world yet, but as they say, they want to be prepared. In collaboration with Saber Astronautics, they are working to advance the progress of brewing beyond the cradle of Earth. The beer HAS made it to weightlessness. It has been consumed by “professional microgravity flight researchers” going through 15 cycles of Zero-G parabolic flights. [If there were “accidents” it wasn’t from drinking too much (6 samples of 150ml each), it was because they don’t call that plane the Vomit Comet for nothing!]

This is an important scientific endeavor, and as in all good science these pioneers are seeking to solve a problem. Basically, most beer would NOT be a good quaff in space. There are two problems, really, though the first is relatively minor. In microgravity, the tongue swells slightly, reducing the sense of taste. The more significant problem is that in microgravity, carbonation has nowhere to go, remaining in suspension in the liquid. In vitro, this is apparently a very unpleasant sensation. Worse still, “if you have to burp, you will burp both beer and bubbles.” This will not make you popular with your fellow travelers.


Vostok’s answer is based on 4 Pines Dry Irish Stout–high flavor, low carbonation, and Gold and Silver at the Australian International Beer Awards. “It is meant first for people who love beer so it MUST TASTE SUPERB on Earth. It will support the growing space economy by being equally superb in microgravity.”

So how does it taste? I must confess that I have not tasted it, because *I’m* on the wrong continent! They don’t distribute the beer outside Australia. My research budget won’t cover the flight to Australia, and my day job might object to my taking the time. However, I would be happy to review it if presented with a sample. Let me go further: I would be delighted to try Vostok in the environment for which it is intended. I would, however, need someone to pick up the tab for my space flight. Maybe if I wrote politely to Richard Branson, he would be interested in helping me further the advancement of science . . .

I must say that Vostok is furthering the mission of the New BPLF, continuing the march of progress begun so long ago by the Beaker People:

Humanity loves beer, we always have and always will. So much so that the evolution of beer has often matched and (in our humble opinion) now transcended the evolution of man.

— 4 Pines Brewing Company, Vostok Space Beer


Ad Astra!

Images courtesy of 4 Pines Brewing Company
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